Alpha Kappa Alpha Celebrates 100 Years!!
July 11 - 19, 2008
Washington, D.C.

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Mattel, Inc.  to  Unveil A K A Barbie Doll in Washington, D. C.!
South Eastern Info
Information of Interest for the AKA Ladies of the Sophisticated Region . . .
South Eastern Info
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Black Women & Families
Alpha Kappa Alpha Traveling Exhibit
on display im Memphis, TN
Pink Palace Museum
April 19 thru  July 7

Los Angeles NBC affiliate, KNBC
features Alpha Kappa Alpha's
traveling exhibit
A symbol of sheer elegance
Loved by one and all
Producing finer womanhood
Helping to uplift us all.
An institution of higher learning

Knowledgeable of its goal
Asked to be the standard bearer
Proudly accepting the role.
Progressing throughout the changing times
And always giving back

Assisting those who need her most
Leaving a real impact.
Persisting when all, it seems, has failed
Holding on to hopes and dreams
Asking only what can be done and showing                       what service means.
© Robert A. Sulton       
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Unofficial Boule Updates

Emails have begun to fervently circulate concerning the upcoming Boule.    Click here for the unofficial Do' and Don'ts , a helpful Boule Wardrobe Guide, a shuttle service provided by a soror, etc..